Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cards That Caught My Eye #1

Often when thumbing through cards, a particular one will catch my eye for some reason and I'll stop and study it for a moment. 

This of one of those cards:

1988 Topps #649 DeWayne Buice

The colors, especially the red background.

It seems every time I'm going through my 1988 Topps, or through my 1988 Topps Angels dupes box, I stop when I come to this card. First thing that hits me is the red background. I don't recall a big red background like that at Anaheim Stadium, so it might be in another ballpark, but I'm going to assume its a Coca-Cola advertisement. Combine that with the red "ANGELS" at the top, the blue banner with white text, blue border, red/white/blue uniforms and this card screams Patriotism!
And I just plain like the way Buice is standing, toeing the rubber going into his windup.
It's a very appealing card.


  1. DeWayne Buice in 1988 was the player in the union Upper Deck sought to help them get a license to print cards. I believe Buice was a shareholder in Upper Deck

  2. He does look like a badass. Cool card.

  3. that is a striking card. i'm going to guess it's spring training (palm springs, perhaps), and my first thought was budweiser. it looks like "ee" as in "beer" in the bottom left of the card, but the "oi" sequence in the larger text doesn't make sense. perhaps topps airbrushed the first "e" in budweiser into an "o"? who knows. cool card regardless.

  4. Great call. Don't recall ever stopping at this card while flipping through my 1988 Topps cards. Actually I can't remember the last time I flipped through 1988 Topps cards in general... but that's besides the point. This card is definitely cool.