Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Struck Out Bunting

I was actually excited about Topps Bunt after seeing postings on bloggers pack rips this week. I already pretty much swore I wasn't doing Topps Flagship this year except maybe a pack here and there, and I don't care for Donruss, and I can't justify 3 bucks for 6 or 7 cards of A&G or Gypsy Queen. So yeah, I wanted to get some Bunt. And to get some Bunt I made a trip to Target. Only Target didn't have any Bunt. Dangit!

So what did I do? Grabbed a stupid fat pack of Donruss. I don't know why, and I'm ashamed.

I got the pleasure of ripping a pack, and that's about it. 

No Angels, of course.

The Prospects #TP-4

Retro Variations

The Elite Series ES-21, #055/999



  1. At least you got Albies, lol. BTW, you're up in the Game.

  2. I have some Angels set aside for you from BUNT, just haven't sent yet.

  3. I bought a few fat packs of Donruss retail. Whoa were they smelly! Stunk! Not a card worth keeping.

  4. Not sure if you had received the email in yahoo or not, but I would be interested in the Francisco Lindor 1983 variation card.