Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trade Mail From Highly Subjective

This great selection of cards came from Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary a while ago. I'm way behind on my trade posts, but man, he sent me a whopper of cards that I've been anxious to highlight.

Four big ones off my Top Ten list!
The 1962 Eddie Yost is especially cool because its not only the batting variation its also a green tint variation. The 1963 Fleer Albie Pearson leaves me with 1 card left to complete the team set. The Mothers Nolan Ryan finishes off that little 4-card set, and the Mike Napoli gets me closer to the rainbow - next up for him the Black version.

2000 Aurora Dugout View Net-Fusions #1
Look closely and you'll see that there's something like a soft net material in the, well, what's it supposed to be? I know a net of some sort, but why a net?
Do any dugouts have a net in front of them?

1991 Topps Magazine Subscription card
Sweet little mini for this collection.
I subscribed to Topps Magazine it's first year, probably used one of these cards to sign up.

Lots of nice Trout.
The "Gatorade Bath" was a Wal-mart rack pack only insert.

Two more Salmon to check off.

A nice chunk of the 2017 Gypsy Queen team set out of the way.

1956 Topps 1st Series Checklist
Not concerned that its heavily used, that makes it cool.
I wonder how many times this was checked off, erased, and checked off again in the 61 years it's been around?

Looks like some lucky kid had both the Jackie Robinson and the Hank Aaron cards.

Some of the other checklists.
Some nice vintage checklists in there that didn't end up in the trash.

And tons of other Angels.
That was a fun package to open.
Like Christmas fun!

Thanks Brian!

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  1. I have been sitting on that stack of Angels for a while, sorry it took so long for us to trade again!

    I think the dugout thing is supposed to be the rail with fence that players lean on in the dugout. I thought it was a foul pole net at first!