Saturday, May 13, 2017

Catching Up With SI For Kids

My wife had airline miles. Not enough to use on anything but magazines. So knowing I love the SI for Kids card sheets she got me a subscription. Here follow the first two issues I received.

April 2017 Issue
Francisco Lindor cover, and he's also the pull-out poster, along with the Celtics Isaiah Thomas.
I decided to just show the upper portion since the post office graciously shredded the lower half.

Car Sheet, Cards #604-612
First issue and Tom Brady gets the center square!
Not bad having a Corey Seager card too.

May 2017 Issue
Kyle Lowry Cover.
Shredded even worse than the last issue.
Poster is John John Florence, and WHAAAAAT???!!!

Patriots Julian Edelman!
I'm scoring big in these first two issues.
(Obviously it didn't fit on my scanner)
I think I'll hang this one in my cube at work.

Card Sheet, Cards #613-621
Whoa Buddy!
And Trout gets the center square!

I think I now have both of the SI for Kids Mike Trout sheets.
His first is his rookie card from a 2012 issue.

I can't wait to see what collecting interest I get in next months issue!


  1. Well, oils like this subscription is already paying off for you!

  2. I've collected SI for Kids cards off and on since the early 90's. I've always enjoyed them, because they cover sports outside of baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, and hockey. Plus each 9 card page will always feature at least two women. Plus the magazine itself has some decent articles. I really enjoyed reading about the different decades in this month's issue.