Saturday, November 4, 2017

12-Year Failure From Dan Ford

I mailed these three cards to Dan Ford on September 22, 2005. Thats right 2005.
Mailed them to his home in Riverside, California.
Dan played for the Angels and I wanted to add him to my Angels collection, and to my 1983 Topps autographed set. At the time, Dan was a good and gracious TTM signer, that answered questions and that didn't charge a fee for his autograph.

I recently got the cards back, AFTER TWELVE YEARS, unsigned, in my SASE with this note: wrote that note, not Dan Ford like it says. Sorry but these autograph warehouse guys have ruined what used to be a fun hobby for me. They're snatching up the players that used to gladly sign for free, that used to thoughtfully answer your questions because you really were interested in their stories. Those days are gone now; send in your cash and you'll get an impersonal signature on your card, after waiting 12 years to get it back.

No thanks.


  1. I'd prefer not to deal with those middlemen myself - it's one thing to be a Hall of Fame player and have some sort of agreement with an autograph company to sign but not for good but hardly great ball players who used to sign TTM for free.

  2. I've noticed these as well and passed on a lot of players because of it lol. It'd be one thing if it was for a good cause like maybe charities, but most of the time it seems like money grabbing.

  3. I'm not in the TTM game, but this is a sad turn of events.