Friday, November 10, 2017

Lassoed From Listia

Here's what I've won from Listia in the last several months.

1990 Topps Heads Up! #16 Jim Abbott
Suction cup on the back so you stick it wherever you want.
How awesome is that!

1996 Score Board All Sport PPF #69

2006 Bowman Chrome #BC231 Certified Autograph

2001 Topps Archives #142 Certified Autograph

1969-71 Fleer Cloth Patch
 Sorry about the timing Dodger fans.

2003 and 2004 Upper Deck
Didn't pick these up for the players or for the sets, but for the American flag in the background.
Just thought they looked cool.
(Post script: I created this post before the tragic death of Roy Halladay)

1971 Topps #145
Speaking of cool, doesn't get much cooler than Joe Kapp.

2002 Bowman #15
Closest I have to his rookie card, which is still very cheap to get.
It's next on my list.

These were all single auction pickups of various Angels.
The Dave Winfield is a 1991 Topps Magazine card.


1995 Score #DP8 SAMPLE card.
Interesting because most of the other sample cards from this set have the "SAMPLE" in foil.

Now I can finally put this stack away in binders. But it's time to start a new one, I already have more cards coming in the mail.


  1. Nice-I didn't realize Lista was still around

    1. I knew Listia was still around, but I didn't know is possible to still get this kind of neat stuff!

  2. I knew there was someone out there who collected checklists. I'll try to ship out a PWE with them today.

  3. Oh man did that Jim Abbott face give me a time machine jolt. That thing hung in my childhood bedroom for probably 15 years. No idea what happened to it after that.