Friday, November 17, 2017

Scribbled Ink Contest Winnings

Paul decided he was going to rename his blog from Paul's TTM Autograph Blog to something different so he held a contest. I can't remember who won (the blog seems to be out of commission right now) but actually other participants got a prize as well. I won a mixed lot of Angels, wantlist cards, and a bunch of random fun oddballs.

Paul's new blog is titled Scribbled Ink.

Sampling of the many Angels parallel cards. The Vladdy was in an unopened cello pack that also included a card of Hideki Matsui albeit in a Yankees uniform, not an Angels.

Checklists were included which is always nice filler for the sendee, but very welcomed for my collection.

Another sampling of the player collections stack that was included. The Todd Greene cards are much appreciated. And there was actually 30 John Olerud to beef up my collection.

Five unopened packs of 2010 Topps Attax were in the mix. Always fun ripping a pack of anything.
Paul also included an unopened pack of Doodlewonkers, kids trivia and puzzle cards. Never heard of those? Me neither. Be looking for a post on them soon on A Pack To Be Named Later.

Nice assortment of Fleer Stickers

Even a few Patriots cards.
Paul really looked at my interests.

In the winnings I also found a handful of pocket schedules which is great because I can use them to trade for the Angels schedules I've been lacking. There was also a Red Sox window insignia (that will be passed on) and an unopened pack of Ricky Martin trading cards I just can't bring myself to say any more about.

Great stuff Paul, thanks.


  1. Ricky Martin trading cards? Ha!

  2. Nothing personal with the Ricky Martin cards. There was a lot of random stuff thrown into a lot of packages. Thanks for the post!