Monday, July 24, 2023

Two Wrongs Make Two Rights

Always a good idea to correct an oversight in a trade, and these two traders did just that. In both instances the wrong card was sent, and the correct card mailed shortly after. And in both cases the sender let me keep the mistake card. I've had to do that before, and it's just good practice. We all make mistakes.

TCDB #111 Mokolai

That was simple enough.
The Donruss is a replacement for the wrong card that was sent in a previous trade.
And I see a #444 card I need on that Donruss checklist.

TCDB #112 bozo72

The 1994 Collectors Choice Tim Salmon was accidently sent instead of the Silver Signature version, but Randy fixed the issue and sent it in a separate envelope. He even let me keep the base card.

Three more for the 1992 Upper Deck Minors set leaving me with 25 to go.


  1. It's ALL good. Catch my drift man. Uh huh that's right I went there. A little of this a little of that. Botta Bing. (No I didn't forget to take my meds.... I don't have any to take). I'm just weird this kind of way naturally. Have a great day Tom!

  2. I opened some packs of 1992 Upper Deck minors several years ago. If you're bored and have some free time... email me your set needs and I'll check my stack for you.

  3. Sharp looking checklists and shiny Marsh!

  4. That's a cool action shot on Spike's card.