Saturday, December 9, 2023

Year-End Closeout Part 1

Trades are turned off on TCDB, I have a pretty big backlog to get sorted out with transactions still coming in, several of which had errant cards that I'm still awaiting corrections to. In the meantime, here are a chunk of those that have recently come in.


A larger trade, and from Canada, with 46 cards coming my way. Here is a nice sampling of the trade.

There were 19 different OPC, which is why I love trading with my Canadian friends.


1993 Skybox The Return of Superman.
This is another comics set that my son had a small stack of cards from. Figured it was time to start pecking away at the set.


Does anyone remember Jorge Soler being the AL Home Run Leader in 2019?
I don't.

Michel St-Pierre

Seems my Canadian friends also have some great comic cards available to trade as well.


1984 Topps Stickers, or any stickers, usually aren't high on my trade priorities, but when offered I'll always bite.


Yep, I collect these, and the variations as well. These are the white card variations.


  1. Brett wins it, with the first Nolan Ryan and the Fred Lynn AS close.

  2. Big fan of that 1986 Fleer Future HOFer set. They did a great job with their predictions... as five of the six players in the set were first ballot guys. The 6th man? Mr. Rose.

  3. I like that Future HOFer logo too.

  4. I never collected the Return of Superman set, or even opened any packs of it, but it looks like there's lots need images in there. I might have to go try and see the rest of it one of these days.