Monday, December 11, 2023

Year-End Closeout Part 2

Trades are turned off on TCDB, I have a pretty big backlog to get sorted out with transactions still coming in, several of which had errant cards that I'm still awaiting corrections to. In the meantime, here are a chunk of those that have recently come in.


That '87 Leaf is the last card I needed to complete the set.
And the Donnie Hill is a variation: the little "IF" can be found in various locations within the octagon.


Mark sending some return fire after claiming some stuff off my Odd Stuff Giveaway a while back.
Thanks Mark!


Bowman Sweepstakes single * variations.

He sent almost a complete Angels Team set (ANG-), just missing the Pujols and the Trout.


These get me oh so close to finishing this set. Just lacking #53 Schmidt, and #242 Ryan/Davis.


  1. Reggie DK edges out Rickey as a Yank for the win.

  2. You may not agree, but I love that Abbott is featured as a Yankee in the 2021 Platinum Anniversary.

  3. Just added that Seaver stamp to my binder last weekend. Found it sitting in a box on my desk, but have no idea where it came from. No complaints though... it's a pretty cool 80's oddball.

  4. I like those Leaf Limited singles.

    I'm waiting on a trade from yankeefan714 myself.