Friday, June 14, 2024

Action Packed Revelation

 I recently received this card in a TCDB trade with RyanFrueh:

1995 Action Packed.
Prior to the trade I didn't realize there was a 1995 Action Packed with minor league players. The Angels have another card in the set, Eduardo Perez, also on the Canadians, and a card I also need.

The rest of the trade:

A sharp eye knows that this isn't really a 1970 Nolan Ryan. It's actually a 2017 Topps - Rediscover Topps info card. I wish it were a real 1970 Topps.


  1. I used to have both versions of the Ryan. 1970 and 2017. I got the 1970 out of a pack I bought at the local "dime store" when I first started collecting. Unfortunately, I sold it a few years ago and whoever got it definitely got a great deal.

  2. Action Packed always made such neat cards. The world would be a better place if they were still producing cards.

  3. I'm with Jon. I really liked Action Packed cards from the 90's. I know they had some minor league and HOF sets... but I wish they had released a MLB set.