Sunday, June 16, 2024

No Series 2 Yet

I hit up Target yesterday to see if there were any Topps Series 2 I could purchase (I was actually there for ice cream but figured I would see if they had any Topps). They didn't yet, so I grabbed a fat pack of Heritage instead.

Seems Heritage is pretty plentiful this year as I keep finding it.

This pack also had a handful of dupes from the few previous packs I've bought. Of course.

There were some Angels in the pack, which I already have.

Chrome Refractor

As far as ice cream, I was able to find French Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Bryers doesn't do any of the fancy flavors I like.


  1. Funny, when I was at Walmart the other day I was specifically looking for Heritage. There wasn't any, but there was Series 2!

  2. A. Nice Zelof. Hope he ends up having a decent career.

    B. One of my favorite flavors of ice cream is Banana Split by Breyers.

  3. Coffee and Cookies & Cream are good times. Thanks for sharing the cards!