Thursday, June 20, 2024

ThreePWE Thursday

Three TCDB PWEs coming in for today. 

First up is a four-card group from carlasgarland0110.

Nice group of parallels and an insert I received for a handful of Griffey and Josh Hamilton cards.
Ben Joyce recently set an Angels record for fastest recorded pitch at 102.3 beating Ohtani's previous record of 101.4.


I have most of the Animated Batman card sets already so I figured it was time to start with the 1993 Panini Batman Sticker set (216 stickers). These nine get me started.

Two of these will serve as placeholders in the set as they aren't in as good a shape as I would have liked.


1983 Topps Stickers

1991 Line Drive
These were unfamiliar to me, but now I have the Angels team set out of the 50-card set.
I love the design.

Pecking away at this set I once had, and now want again.

More for the Batman Sticker set. I loved the artwork from the Animated Series.
These were the last three available for trade on TCDB, so finishing this set might take me a while.

It's always nice when I can add some Silver Surfer in. I used a bunch of 1995 Fleer Ultra Spiderman cards as bait for this trade. I picked up a ton in a cheap box of "comic" cards I bought at my daughter's resale store last year.

These last three were all throw-ins!
Especially happy to get a Seth Etherton autograph card.