Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Votto Traded For A Former Angel

TCDBer ILLRIMESAYA reached out for a Heritage Chrome Joey Votto card he liked and offered up a trade for it. As soon as I saw this card he offered of a former Angel, I knew it was a done deal:

Poor scan of an awesome card.
2002 Topps Super Teams Retrofractors #1935/1974
What a cool card. I've never seen these before. There are only former Angels in the set, the other on my wantlist being Nolan Ryan.

These were included in the offer, I only countered with a minor swap for the Heritage Jo Adell and he accepted.
Good trade.


  1. That is a great looking card. Fun photo, shiny card. Maybe MC Hammer in the stands?

  2. I love those Super Team cards including the retro-fractors. I have most of the Braves (they're #d 1957).

  3. Love that Rudi! Just went over to COMC and bought a bunch of the 1974 A's in an attempt to build the team set.

  4. I got the Gene tenace Retrofractor earlier this year. I seem to be a lot less impressed with them than everyone else.