Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Gems From My LCS

Along with all those sweet Angels and Topps Special Offer Cards I got on my LCS trip, I also picked up a sealed wax box of 1993 Upper Deck Series 1 for 5 bucks.

I figured for 5 bucks I'm sure to find something that I'll like, perhaps a few inserts that I don't already have, and I'll get to enjoy ripping 36 packs of baseball cards. Who wouldn't dig that for 5 bucks!

I am certainly NOT in need of any 1993 Upper Deck base cards. I have a zillion already.

But pickup some cool inserts, and a few player cards I collect, I did.

This Walter Iooss Collection Tim Salmon was the first insert I came across as I was ripping through foil packs. How appropriate. And one I didn't already have.

This Kirby Puckett was a second Iooss Collection card I got. Not bad at 1:9 packs.

Snagged these two Tim Salmon Star Rookie Checklist cards. One of my favorite Tim Salmon cards.

The only other Star Rookie that was worth mentioning is the #2 Mike Piazza. Too bad it's a dull cut on the left side.

At 1:27 packs, I pulled two Then and Now Hologram cards from this box. This really nice George Brett...

...and this Rickey Henderson that I already had. Dang!

There were two different 1:9 Willie Mays Baseball Heroes cards. I'm glad that one was this checklist card. Good looking card.

I actually got 3 of the Nolan Ryan base cards and 3 of the Community Heroes cards.

And I thought I'd show a card for the only non-Angels player I collect - John Olerud.

Anyone need any 1993 Upper Deck Series 1 cards?


  1. Where is your local shop at? I would love to open a box of this for 5 bucks.

  2. LCS is in Arlington TX. One of the dealers always give me great deals.