Monday, March 5, 2012

Yep, Another 2006 Target Discount Rack Pack

I actually saw this pack on Friday at my local Target.  I picked it out of the discount box for a $1.59, looked at it and thought, "Nah, last thing I need is more 2006 Topps."  I then put it back.

All weekend I kept seeing posts about bloggers finding these at Target and wondering what vintage Topps were inside, so I figured if it was still there today, I buy it.  It was, so I did.

There was even an Angels card on top leading me to think that that there was GOLD inside!

This Orlando Cabrera Angels card was only one I was interested in from the top and bottom bubbles of the pack.

The center pack containing the vintage cards is wrapped in it's own little clear plastic. Here's the contents of that pack in order.

Three consecutive Rookie cards of Paul Maholm, Ronny Paulino, and Ricky Nolasco.

Mickey Mantle Home Run History MHR97. I just sold a bunch of these on Listia so that's where this one is heading.

Then came the "Vintage". Most of the posts I've seen found their vintage equating to 1988 or newer cards, so I wasn't expecting much. Let's see.

A 1977 Jim Mason, not a bad start. By far the oldest I've seen anyone getting.

A 1981 Steve Kemp. Nothing special.

1985 Greg Prior. Hmpf. Typical.

Finished out the pack with a checklist card. Perfect.

These are ALL for trade.

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  1. '77 is awfully good for those rack packs. The earliest card I pulled in 2006 was a '79 card, and I bought endless rack packs that year.