Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Big Haul On Patriots Junk Wax

Saw where a Listian was offering small-lot cards of different NFL teams, like 5-6-card lots.  I reached out and asked if they would consider selling me ALL their Patriots cards (no dupes) for an agreed to one-time GIN sum. 
I was pleasantly surprised when they agreed.  
Often sellers will respond with a "No thanks" and take their chances on a bidding war happening for their "gold mine" junk wax.

I really had no idea what cards, years, or manufacturers would be represented in the lot I just won.
I only knew that there was "about" 80-100 and they were all Patriots, no dupes.

I was VERY happy to finally see what I won when the package arrived.

1992 Topps Gold (13 different)

1991 Pacific (15)

1992 Pacific (9)

1993 Collectors Edge (6)

1990 Fleer (10)
Completed the team set with these cards.

1992 Score (5)

1992 Skybox (5)

1996 Donruss (8)

Sampling of the rest of the card.

88 total cards, all different, and only a handful were dupes to my collection.
So, it never hurts to ask or make an offer.
I knocked out a huge dent of 90's Patriots needs by asking.


  1. Nice haul. And nice of the seller to go for the deal.

  2. Nice lot, Used to play softball with Sammy Martin

  3. Those definitely bring back memories of my collecting youth. My favorites are definitely the 1993 Topps Gold cards. Whenever I get to organizing and cataloging my football (it will be the last sport I do), I should have some Pats for you. They'll be newer than these, though.