Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Short Time At The LCS

Stopped in at my local shop and perused a box of 1974 Topps, 1976 Topps, and four 25-cent random boxes. The Topps boxes turned out to be 25-cent boxes as well, much to my favor. I could have easily hoarded, but I’m well past that point in my collecting. I just pull stuff I actually need now, and a card here and there that just strikes my interest.

1976 Topps #438
This Doug DeCinces card just struck my interest. Doug looks plain old cool, like a dude one of my older brothers would have played high school ball with in So Cal. I’ve also toyed with the idea of picking up all of DeCinces Topps career cards, because he played for the Angels, so this one kinda starts me in that direction.

1976 Topps John Balaz #539 and Rookie Pitchers Sid Monge #595
I’ve been trying to get John Balaz autograph on this card for a while, (I have him on an IC) but I only had the one that’s a part of the team set and didn’t want to risk losing it. This one though has already gone out in the mail. Same idea for the Sid Monge, but when I found out he now charges for his autograph this card goes in the dupes box until I can justify spending cash the cash on the signature.

1974 Topps Team Checklists
I scored on the remaining cards I needed to complete this checklist set.
I’m typically more of a traditional checklist card collector, like those below, but these team checklists from 1974, and those from 1973 Topps, are just too cool to pass up.
Stay tuned for a post on the completed ‘74 set.

Random Checklists
Also picked up several others, you can see the traditional 1974 Topps checklists there.

1999 Fleer Baseball Greats #50 Troy Glaus and #21 John Olerud
Great retro design on these. I knew when I pulled it that I already had one of the Angels cards in this set, thinking it’s not the Glaus (my Angels wantlist only goes to 1993). I haven’t checked yet. The Olerud goes in his PC binder.

1986 Sportflics #1 Stu Cliburn, 1987 Sportflics #127 Kirk McCaskill and #59 Mike Witt.
I was able to check these cards immediately against my Want list, via my phone, so I knew for sure I needed them. I remember many times coming home from the card shop with a stack of cards only to find out that I already had at least half of them already.

1994 Ted Williams #14 Dean Chance and #15 Doug DeCinces
These two should complete the Angels team set. 

Very pleased with what I was able to pull in just a little over an hour at the card shop.


  1. I've got a DeCinces PC if you'd like to see what they look like.

  2. Nice haul. I used to love going to the local card shop. There hasn't been a card shop local to me in over 10 years.