Friday, March 24, 2017

Contest Winnings For The Wrong Guess!

Earlier this month there was a contest at Johnny's Trading Spot to guess the per-card cost of a massive haul of about 2500 cards John purchased at a card show. Five people guessed, all between .03 and .08 cents, but no one guessed .04. Can you believe it? John decided to declare us ALL winners. Now THAT'S generous!

John taylored the prize packages to the winners likes.
I got Angels of course.

1966 Topps Rub-Offs
Unfortunaltely some rodent had a tasty snack on this, but it's still a really cool piece for the team collection. Topps baseball products from the 60's are some of my favorites.

Weaver Brothers
Jeff was on the Angels in 2006 hence the 2006 Upper Deck #658 Special FX Green 95/99.
Brother came up also in 2006, so the two got to play together for a season.
I already completed the 2007 Topps Generation Now set for Mike Napoli, still working Jered Weavers cards in the set.

Triple throw-down on 2010 Upper Deck All World #AW-12 cards.
I believe that this card may be my most abundant duplicate Angels insert card.
I'll have to check on that.

Bunch of chrome and refractors, some numbered /299, some /561, some /150.
These are really helpful towards the team sets. Refractors, let alone numbered refractors, make team sets difficult to complete.

A nice grouping of rookies and parallels.

And my first 2017 Heritage.

Very happy to be a winner even though I guessed wrong!
Thanks John.


  1. You're welcome. I just put together a couple of PWEs for you today.

  2. What a cool prize pack, there's plenty of neat stuff here but I'm partial to the refractors of Molina and Hunter. I think that an "everyone's a winner" contest would be the only way I'd win.

    I've seen your trade packages pop up on a few different blogs so I added you to my blogroll. If you're interested in adding more 2017 Heritage to your collection, let me know. I've got plenty of dupes from my 5 box break.