Monday, March 20, 2017

Certified For The All-Time List

There was a recent post over on Dion's Autograph Collection looking for traders (or purchasers for a couple bucks each) for a bunch of Certified Autograph Cards he wanted to part with as they were dupes to him. I took him up on it and purchased three 1996 Leaf Certified Autographs for my All-Time Angels Autograph Collection.

Mike Fetters was an Angels regular from 1989-1991.

Ken Edenfield played both of his major league seasons with the Angels in 1995 and 1996.

Craig Grebeck was with the Angels for only one season, 1997.

 I have "other" cards signed by these guys, even Angels cards I think, but these are the first certified autographs I have of them.

Dion also threw in a few Angels extras.
I love seeing Bo Jackson as an Angel!

I'm sure Dion has plenty more certified autographs left, go check him out via the link above.

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