Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trade Mail From Nachos Grande

Chris recently ripped a wax box of 1996 Collectors Choice and offered all the dupes for trade.
I jumped on any Angels silver or gold signature cards available.
Snagged this one:

1996 Collectors Choice #37 Silver Signature

He also threw in this Tim Salmon card:
You Make The Play, Tim Salmon Strikeout
For the Angels in this set, there were two cards each for Salmon and Lee Smith.
I still need the Lee Smith Strikeout card to complete the team set. 

And as  bonus, there were a few more cards in the package:
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Gold Parallel
The first 100 cards in the 385 card set were considered the "base" set and a gold parallel version was issued for those 100 cards.
I'm working the 385 card master set, as well as the parallels and these goldies are extremely hard to pull.
Very glad to get these.

 AND as a bonus bonus, I first saw the note that mentioned a custom mini from his buddy Ryan, and that I might like it. Then I saw it:
and I love it!

Good cards Chris, good cards.


  1. Hey, glad you like the Trout card! Hit me up, I have a quick question for you. Thanks