Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Completed Team Set - 2004 Bazooka Tattoos

One of the insert sets for 2004 Bazooka were temporary tattoos. There were 55 different tattoos in the set. The Angels had 3 bobblehead-looking guys featuring a real photo of their head atop a cartoon body. Kinda dorky but pretty cool in their own Bazooka way.

Card JW Jarrod Washburn. Jarrod is a pitcher, a very serious pitcher. And he has big muscles.

Card TS Tim Salmon. Tim is happy. Tim is always happy. And we already knew that Tim had big muscles.

Card TG Troy Glaus. Troy is looking at his big fly leave the ballpark. But Troy, you haven't swung yet. Troy's muscles look bigger than Tim's because Troy is wearing grey.

Bazooka Joe must have applied the tattoo too close to his eye dispite the warning on the back. Now he has to wear an eyepatch.

Zoiks and no wonder! Look at those ingredients! These things are toxic!

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