Friday, February 3, 2012

OK, I Want More Patriots Now

Back at the start of December I said that I wasn't collecting football anymore, hadn't collected football in a long time, and was getting rid of all my football cards except for the Patriots.

Then I said I was only going to collect the Boston Patriots 1960-1970 and not past that. I hit the card shop and bought a chunk of late 60's Pats cards.

Then I changed my mind. Allowing myself that little window of Patriots cards has opened up the floodgates. Now I want ALL Patriots cards.

If you have any Patriots and would like to trade for maybe your favorite football teams cards (between 1989 and 2000) let me know.


  1. I have some newer Pats need for trades, I'll just send them to you...

  2. I've got about 20 Pats cards that are yours (and I'll never turn away Broncos cards if you've got 'em).

  3. I'll gladly trade away my Patriots for Steelers.