Monday, October 29, 2012

Catching Me Up With Topps Update

I've been having an awful, and frustrating, time pulling Angels in 2012 Topps Update.  Cards on Cards must have had some kind of insight into that because he sent me a bunch of Angels from the update set and then some.

I was really hoping Mark Trumbo was going to pull off winning the Home Run Derby after hitting 13 in the first two rounds.
The light blue Derby uniforms really look great on these update cards.

Another great looking uniform are the Angels throwbacks.
David Carpenter is even wearing Ben Weber throwback goggles.

A Mike Trout insert titled "Trout Hooks Dodgers."
Get it?  Instead of the Dodgers hooking a trout, Mike TROUT hooks the Dodgers!

A. Pujols Mini insert.
Not the best shot of Albert, he looks kinda dopey.  I would rather have seen him in his squat.

US139 Zach Greinke gold #1092/2012.
Man, the color combinations on all these cards are just awesome!

Another good looking card US138 Ernesto Frieri Target Red.

Dude, just about one card from every variety available in the update set!
US10 Mark Trumbo Gold Sparkle.

And a 2008 A&G Torii Hunter salute card,

And a 2008 Topps Heritage Black Back Kelvim Escobar.

A bunch of great cards to get me caught up, thanks!

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