Monday, October 15, 2012

Found Another Angel in SI for Kids

I was digging around in a box of "baseball stuff" in my closet and came across this:

Another sheet of Sports Illustrated for Kids cards.
And if you look closely at the center of the sheet you'll see this:

That's Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels.
Forgot that I had this.

In the process of getting organized, a process that will never cease, as I come across stuff in boxes here and there the idea is to get it into a binder.
Getting it into a binder means that it is then "organized".
There are a lot of boxes to go.

Torii is on card #392 from, I'm assuming, the 2009 issue.  If you can see the asterisk it says the statistics are "Through June 28, 2009."


  1. Will you be disassembling the page? If so, I would LOVE that Danielle Lawrie. ;)

  2. I like to keep the sheet intact. But I'll keep an eye out for another.