Monday, October 8, 2012

There Was Salmon In That Group Break For Sure

Got these Tim Salmon Stadium Club cards a while ago as a part of Cardboard Collections August Affordable Group Break, along with a bunch of other Angels.  Check 'em out.

1994  #36

1994 #181

1994 #181 1st Day Issue

1994 #9

1995 #473

1995 Extreme Corps #512

1996 #405

1996 Team TSC #213

1995 Trans Action #627 Lee Smith

1996 Power Streak #PS15 Jim Edmonds

1996 Virtual Reality Silver #263 JT Snow, and Gold #29 Jim Edmonds

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  1. This reminds me that I need to post what I got as well! This was the first break that I'd been a part of, and I loved it. 90s TSC is right up my alley. There weren't a ton of great cards in there, but there were some sweet Gwynn's, and the photography for TSC was always pretty good. Looks like you got some good stuff here.

    I forgot that there was a time when the Angels had the interlocking "CA" on the caps. Much better than the flying "A" wing, but not quite as good as the current "halo" A.