Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He Sent A Brick......House

I receive a Priority Mail Flat Rate box recently from The Junior Junkie (I knew it was from Junior due to his cool logo on the bottom of the box).  And when I say flat rate I mean that Junior packed this puppy full up.  It seriously weighed as much as a brick.  And when I opened it up guess what fell out....

Four more little, individually wrapped bricks!
You guys have to see these to believe them.  These dudes were so carefully and neatly wrapped I think that Junior has a side job as a Christmas Gift Wrapper.  Scotch tape, brown paper, professional job.
Look at em!

And then inside each individual brick was a team bag stuffed to the gills with Angels!

That's a ton (almost literally) of cards!
Way to many to show them all, so I picked out some of my favorites.

He must have checked my wantlist because I needed this Torii Hunter for the 2008 Timeline set.

Bo Jackson in an Angels uniform, nice.
You know, I don't remember seeing Jackson play for the Angels in person.  I was busy working, going to school and raising a family when he was with the team.  But I'll have to go back and look through my old scorebooks to see.

Love the old box set cards of Wally Joyner.
This one didn't look familiar to me.
It's from the 1986 Fleer "Limited Edition" Record Setters box.

Great card of Doug Rader from the 1989 Update set.  This was just one from what I think was the whole set that was included in the package.  I believe the 1989 team set is now completely complete.

This was the first card I saw when I opened up the first brick.
This, Friends, is a 2006 Upper Deck Silver Spectrum version numbered 11/99.
Holy guacamole!  Sweet card!

And another awesome little nugget of a card is this 1993 Leaf Triple Play Action Baseball game card.
Man I dig game cards!
And this one is new to me.  
Lets see what's inside...

Oh yeah, not scratched!

Topped off with Salmon up the Wazoo!

Great package to tear through Junior, thanks.


  1. Glad you like - I ended up finding another Salmon I bet you don't have. I've set it aside for you....

  2. That mail was mighty, mighty....Junkie was letting it all hang out.

  3. http://royalsandrandoms.blogspot.com/2012/06/brayan-and-bryan.html
    I was hoping your whole post was going to be about Royals prospect, Bryan Brickhouse! :-)