Thursday, February 14, 2013

Uncle Doc Found Salmon In His Card Closet

Five new Tim Salmon cards from Uncle Docs Card Closet.
Doc pulled out the shine for these cards.

2003 Upper Deck
The back reads, "...after years of toiling in anonymity for the Angels..."
Anonymity?  I'd have to politely disagree.

2004 Leaf Certified Materials
Shiny doesnt scan well for me, but this card is super shiny.
2004 marked Salmon's 13th season tying him with Brian Downing as longest tenured Angel.

1999 Fleer Brilliants
Brilliant indeed.  Another shiny one that didn't pick up.
What's with the goofy font?  Some sort of Roman Chiseling?

2003 Donruss
Classic Salmon swing almost identical to the card above, only with the much better red and white uniform.
Remarkably there is no text on the back of this card, only statistics.

2004 Donruss Elite
I gotta find a way to capture the high shine on these cards.
Another classic shot of the Salmon Squat.


  1. Those are some snazzy cards, and I can vouch that the scanner does not justice to the Salmon Shininess! Glad you like them!

  2. Those 04 Elites are crazy shiny. You could trim your nosehairs in those cards.

    I have some Salmon coming you, swimming upstream to spawn all over your binders!