Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Me Some Panini Logo Stickers

One of the best things about Sportlots is that you can find stuff you can't really find anywhere else. A lot of base cards you can trade for, relics you can find on ebay, but the oddball stuff like Panini logo stickers are best found on Sportlots, and usually for less than a quarter each.

I picked a bunch up a while back to finish out my Panini team logo sticker collection.  Or at least I think I finished it out.  It's hard to get a checklist of these foiley little guys.

Simple Angels logo on gold foil surrounded by silver foil.
The only problem with these little guys is that they get scratched up easily.

The 1988 set also included a team uniform sticker...great idea!
This one shows the home and away uniforms down to the socks and stirrups!
There's even a warmup jacket shown.
Not sure whats going on with the hats, looks like one has a shorter brim.

The 1990 design got beefed up a little with a blue-gray plaque background and a pair of crossed bats and balls.  Pretty snazzy, but I prefer the simpler designs.
Too bad they didn't color the bats brown, that would have been sharp.

Ah, but this second sticker from 1990 is completely awesome.
Same white bat and ball, but this time the ball is streaking towards the bat and trailing the team name.
And check out that sweet batting helmet!
The shading on it almost makes it look 3D.

Back to the simple silver foil for 1991, and smaller in size as well.
About the size on an A&G mini.
Sharp looking though because the foil has a sort of aluminum look to it.
And the team name in all caps is a nice little touch.

Take a mini and split it lengthwise and you get the second sticker for the 1991 set, a team logo pennant.
I would have added the team name to it though, too much empty area.
I used to collect full-sized Angels pennants but they started to take up too much space.
These little stickers are just right.

Jump to 1995 and it looks like Panini ditched the foil.
Still an attractive little logo sticker though.

Whoops spoke too soon, the foil came back in 1996.
Don't mess with a good thing Panini.

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  1. Love the 1988 team uniform and the 1990 batting helmet stickers. I remember taking my doubles and sticking these yearbook stickers on my binder when I was a kid.