Monday, February 25, 2013

Heavy Hitters From The Rockies

The Toddfather send a package over and as I flipped through the cards I immediately noticed a little theme within the half dozen or so cards he sent.  I saw a bunch of the Angels heavy hitters in the late 90's early 00's.  "Hey," I thought, "there's an idea for a quick post."

I also noticed that the cards were all of the foil variety, which I love, but hate when it comes to having to scan them.  They never show up like they are in real life.

Tim Salmon 1997 Collectors Choice The Big Show, World Headquarters Edition.
The gold foil stamped edition was a 1:35 insert.
Another gimmick.

Salmon hit 299 HRs in 14 seasons with the Angels.

Mo Vaughn 1995 Upper Deck Stat[itude].
Well, that's creative.
Vaughn hit 69 HRs in just two seasons with the Angels.  Not as bad as I had thought.
For some reason I always think he was a bust for the Angels.  Maybe financially but he put up some good numbers for a couple years.

Troy Glaus 2002 Topps Total 2001 Award Winner.
The stripes in the header match the stripes on the uniform.  Cool.

In 7 seasons with Anaheim he hit 172 HRs, and had his highest career total (47) with them as well.

Jim Edmonds 1999 Skybox Metal Universe.
I hate my scanner.

Before Jimmy went on to hit 241 dingers for the Cardinals he hit 121 in seven seasons with the Angels.
I'll never forgive him.

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