Friday, February 8, 2013

Whats Wrong With This Picture?

Devon White might be holding a big stack of fan mail in his hand, but aint no way he's gonna be signing any of it.  Big old grin, happy that the fans are interested in him, but behind the grin he's calling us all suckers and tossing the mail in the trash can just off camera.  The previous picture had his middle finger extended but the Topps photographer caught it.

According to Devo has signed through the mail twice since 2001, and the most recent was last August.  Granted that most of requests on the site are from his coaching days and not his playing days (2001 was his final playing season), and there are only 31 requests posted (we all caught on and stopped sending). I recall sending to him a couple times when he was in his prime and getting no return.  
So, safe to say.

Another "What was Topps thinking" moment.


  1. Maybe he actually replied to those fan letters in some way?

    It maybe a staged photo but I like it more than just a typical on-field baseball shot.

  2. You're probably right Laurens. I wrote this post while in a sour mood.