Friday, April 12, 2013

Angels Blind Trade With Card Buzz

Its a good thing to trade with a team collector that collects the same team as you do.  Card Buzz is that collector, although his interests aren't limited to just Angels.

Very surprised to get a graded card, a PSA graded Troy Glaus card.  Not sure why the 21st National - Anaheim is noted on the label.  Was this a giveaway at the National?  Was it graded AT the National?
Got any background on this one Buzz?

Nineteen new Tim Salmon cards, my favorite of the group being the one above.
The Salmon want list is still very extensive, but this lot at least puts me closer to getting all the base card out of the way.  ALthough, there are some pretty coll inserts and parallels in there as well, like the Glow Stars at the top.

Double check list check off for the 2008 Torii Hunter X-Cut card.
It counts both towards the team set and the whole 2008 Upper Deck X set as well.

Another three cards needed towards the 2012 Platinum set.

Awesome package, not a single duplicate and many cards to check off my wantlists.

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  1. The Glaus was from the 2000 National in Anaheim - I think PSA had a table filled with just graded cards for the taking [as a promotional item] and I grabbed a Glaus and a couple of Shawn Green's.