Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bill Virdon Signed Some Stuff

On a recent trip to Half Priced Books I spotted a couple old Astros programs for a couple bucks each so I snagged them with the hopes of getting them signed by Bill Virdon who I knew was a good TTM signer.
7 days later my correspondence was answered and this came back.

The second program came out in 1980 and didn't have such a cool cover so I took out the scorecard and sent that along with the program above. 
I really like signed scorecards.
I'm thinking about sending this to a couple other players for autographs.

I also desired these because I'm fascinated with the Astrodome and wanted a piece of memorabilia associated with it. 

Thank you Bill Virdon!

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  1. How come I am not lucky enough to find any random Virdon stuff?