Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Got The Golden Envelope

This came in the mail the other day and I knew exactly what it was by the return address.
A very famous return address.

YES!  I actually got an NPN envelope from Topps!

All I did was send in an index card with my name and address, and since I'm not Canadian (actually I am part French-Canadian but never have lived there) I didn't even have to take a math test!
How easy can it be?!

Inside the stiff outer envelope was this smaller one.
This is the one that contains the relic card.  Or maybe a certified autograph card!
A parallel or numbered would be cool too.
Even a refractor would be awesome!
It's gotta be something of some value for Topps to go through all the effort to package it all up and spend money on postage, right?