Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Got The Golden Envelope

This came in the mail the other day and I knew exactly what it was by the return address.
A very famous return address.

YES!  I actually got an NPN envelope from Topps!

All I did was send in an index card with my name and address, and since I'm not Canadian (actually I am part French-Canadian but never have lived there) I didn't even have to take a math test!
How easy can it be?!

Inside the stiff outer envelope was this smaller one.
This is the one that contains the relic card.  Or maybe a certified autograph card!
A parallel or numbered would be cool too.
Even a refractor would be awesome!
It's gotta be something of some value for Topps to go through all the effort to package it all up and spend money on postage, right?



  1. I always wanted to do this. But I knew that's what would happen.

  2. Ha ha ha! At least you got to string-along the rest of us suckers to share in your disappointment. :-)

  3. Lol. Awesome. I'll have to try this out for myself.