Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That Ain't No Number 5

I received this 2005 Leaf Certified materials card in that large Tim Salmon trade recently.
When I came across this card, something stood out to me.

Look at the number 15, it's Tim's jersey number, particularly the font chosen for the 5.
Just doesn't look right huh?
And doesn't it remind you of something?
But what?

Lets take a closer look.

Here's the five.
Strange looking.

What if I flipped it over...

Looks like a backwards 2.

Let's mirror it...

It is a 2!
It looks a lot more like a 2 than a 5.

Aha!  So Donruss ran out of the letter 5 and used a backwards inverted 2 in its place like...

at a gas station!


  1. Do they pay font designers by the character?

  2. Donruss really was on its way out then, huh? So financially strapped it had to reuse numbers!