Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dollar Pack From Dollar Tree With An Angels On Top

I went on a quick Dollar Tree run the other day on my way back home, looking to see if they had any good packs of cards like they did a few years ago when I stocked up on 2008 Timeline. But alas, it was not to be.
All they had were those dollar repacks of assorted sports cards and dollar repacks of 20 random baseball cards. You know, these:

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
But you almost ALWAYS get junk wax.

Fortunately, this pack was clear on the reverse and I saw a Troy Glaus card peeking out at me.
Hey, a buck for AT LEAST a Troy Glaus card I don't have was worth it to me.
And again, you never know whats inside, maybe I'll get lucky.


So I'll show you the top 5 cards in the pack (including the Glaus above).

1990 Fleer Tom Gordon Soaring Stars insert.
This subset is unfamiliar to me, but it's a nice 90's design.
And Tom Gordon was pretty cool.

1984 Fleer Ron Jackson
Got another Angels card in the pack!
Even though it's one I already have, it's another Angels card in the pack!

1981 Donruss Ross Baumgarten
How can you not completely dig that uniform?

1994 Fleer Ultra Jose Rijo Strikeout King insert
One of the very well done inserts from 1994 Fleer.
I didn't care so much for the base cards but the inserts were fantastic.

Worth a buck?
Even though all the rest of the cards were 80's and 90's junk wax.

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  1. I love those surprise packs! That is a nice Gordon card.

    BTW, I received your package, Thanks !
    I have cards set aside for as well.
    (Still trying to get caught up !)