Friday, April 5, 2013

Cards From A Pocket Schedule Collector

I was contacted by a pocket schedule collector named Chris who came across my name and reached out inquiring of any extras I might have.  But what started out as a pocket schedule trade turned out to be a one-way pocket schedule trade with some other non-pocket schedule stuff coming back.  Fine by me because I dig what came back.

Chris had an extra All-Star ballot that I didn't yet have.  Well, I have this ballot just not this VERSION of it. So I jumped all over it when he offered.

Chris didn't have any Angels pocket schedules or ticket stubs but he did have a couple Twins stubs against the Angels.  I asked him to pick any one out for me and he picked this one.

So I did some research.
Going into the 6th the Angels were leading 6-4.
Then they busted it wide open.
From Retrosheet:

ANGELS 6TH: S. Rodriguez singled to left; S. Rodriguez was
picked off first but was safe on an error by Dickey [S.
Rodriguez to third]; Figgins walked; Izturis homered [S.
Rodriguez scored, Figgins scored]; Abreu lined to left; KEPPEL
REPLACED DICKEY (PITCHING); Rivera homered; Morales homered;
Napoli singled to center; Aybar grounded into a double play
(second to shortstop to first) [Napoli out at second]; 5 R, 5 H,
1 E, 0 LOB.  Angels 11, Twins 4.

ALMOST back-to-back-to-back home runs!
The Angels went on to win 11-6.
Nice pick Chris!

Chris also had a lot of Angels cards to send, so I picked out the most interesting to show.

1991 Studio Jimmie Reese
I have a fond memory of Jimmie Reese coming over to my son and me at the railing at the Big A and asking how we were both doing.  Super nice man.  We went to his funeral service when he passed away.

1993 Score Select Luis Sojo
What's wrong with this picture?

Fundamentals Man!  Keep your eye on the ball!
And keep your tongue in your mouth or you'll bite it off.

1995 Upper Deck Gary DiSarcina
Gary knows fundamentals.

He's keeping his eye on the ball, and he's keeping the ball on his eye.

1994 Upper Deck Charles Chili Davis
Check out the rubberization of Chilis bat.

1994 Pinnacle Spike Owen
Another example of the players not getting a say on which photo the card company chooses to use on their baseball card.  Spike looks all dorked out.

2009 Upper Deck X Kendrys Morales relic
A really nice looking card.
I always appreciate an Angels relic, thanks.

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  1. Always had a little soft spot for Gary DiSarcina. His injury was the key to the Angels stumbling in 1995.