Monday, October 6, 2014

Angels Cards From The Owl

2013 Topps Heritage Black
These came 3 in a rack pack, and this I think is my first for this Angels set.
The black border is pretty cool as it clashes just right with the yellow.

Mini Wells and Mini Hanson.
Imagine Night Owl giving up mini's.
I always thought he was the Tim Wallach Cards of mini's.

Same Wells card only in the big blue Opening Day version.
I call these Rainy Days because it looks like its raining.

Topps parallels are getting so out of hand.
How many parallels per card are there now?
Team collectors are jumping ship left and right because Topps makes it near impossible to collect all the varieties.

These two cards were also in the mix.
Pujols and Hamilton.
Or IS it a Pujols?

I'm seeing more of Mike Trout than Albert Pujols in the "Pujols" card.
Turned out I already have it, but that's okay this one goes in the Mike Trout binder.

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