Sunday, October 19, 2014

Won Three Platinum Value Packs - Value Pack One

For a whopping 24,999 Get-It-Now credits on Listia.

Of course I could have saved all those credits and used them sparingly to pick off Angels cards here and there, could have gotten a lot for that many credits.  But I also figured Hey, it's not costing me anything, and it would have cost me 35-bucks to get these three value packs at Target, so why not.
Why not go crazy.

Plus instead of a handful of PWEs with a single known card each I now get to rip 9 packs of cards, and 3 packs of purple refractors, again for free.

Purple refractors.
You get three per value pack.
Don't know who these guys are.
The Arroyo card looks more refractory than the other two.


Nothing special, got a blue sapphire parallel though.

Nothing special here again.
And no parallel.
I like the idea of 2 rookies/prospects and 2 of the more established guys per pack.


Hey there's a decent insert.
Xander Bogaerts Cutting Edge Stars.

Too bad there were no Angels in any of the three packs.

Next up: Value Pack Two

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