Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Score Late In The Season

So Scott Crawford and I have been kicking around the idea of starting another set collection, namely 2009 Upper Deck.  A massive set.  I knew that I had quite a few cards already, and after sorting and using a checklist found out I have about 600 of the 1006 (?) card set, plus another 30 or so of the 50 in the Update Set.  Still debating whether I want to undertake it, but kinda testing the waters to see.

We all know that 2008 -2010 Upper Deck rack packs can still be found discounted at Target and Walmart so I stopped by a Walmart on the way home from work looking for some.

But what I found, now that we're deep into the 2014 Postseason, was much better.

I was thumbing through a row of 2014 Topps Series 1 rack packs with the distant hopes of coming across one of these, but not really thinking I would actually find one. 

These came and went pretty quick back in February/March, snatched up by collectors and put up on ebay, so I was super surprised to find it this late in the year.  It was about the third pack from the back of a row of about 15 rack packs.  Maybe someone was hiding it with a plan to come back later to get it, because they didn't have the five and change in their wallet.
Sorry Bro, mine now!

Let's tear in shall we?

And this is the gem I was looking for.
Mike Trout Walmart Variation Gatorade Bath.
For 5 bucks.

Well, with the goody aside lets see what else I got.

Another Trout!

Three more Angels in the pack.
(Can't stand to look at CJ Wilson right now)
Four and a half Angels, not very typical for packs I've opened.
Five Yankees, easily.
Four Red Sox, often.
Three Cardinals, every time.

Now to the inserts
(which are all available if you're interested).

And for kicks, here's all the rest of the pack.

So, the moral of the story?
Keep digging deep through the card aisle guys, never know what you might find.

Oh and I completely forgot to look for any 2009 Upper Deck after I had the Trout Rack Pack in hand!


  1. Wow, what luck on scoring the Trout variation. Nice job!

  2. I didn't even know about those packs. I'll hafta go look around now.

  3. The Trout variation is awesome! Nice find.

  4. I have a couple hundred series 1 cards from 2009 UD if you end up putting together a want list.

  5. nice find! i'd be interested in that red hot foil and the jhonny peralta blue parallel. and the koufax, too while i'm at it. let me know and i'll pull some angels inserts together for you.

  6. I've got a pile of 2009 Upper Deck series 1 and 2 cards that I could send your way if you decide to go after the set.

  7. Great find! I need to go check my local stores...