Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trade With This Way

Completed a trade with Mark from This Way To The Clubhouse a while back.  I'm consistently behind schedule.  Which is funny because I work in aerospace, and being behind schedule is a very bad place to be.  But Clubhouse sent me some cards, and I aim to show them off.

1994 Pinnacle Power Surge PS4

Tim Salmon unfortunately did not have a power surge in 1994.  Actually he played only 100 games and hit 23 home runs.  A good number but he bookends 1994 with 31 and 34 dingers, with 95 and 105 RBI.  Actually his power surge was 1995, probably his best year ever. So, although a good title for a subset, it didn't work out so much for Salmon in 1994.

A couple of Todd Greene cards in there.  Always stoked to get more Todd Greene.


  1. To be fair, 1994 was a strike-shortened season and Salmon was probably on pace to hit 30 or more home runs.