Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SP as in ProSPects

Nice little lot of 5 cards I picked up on LiSPia. Har-har.

2004 SP Prospects

Let's see how these boys have fared in baseball.

Joshua LeBlanc - 4 seasons in the Angels system; made it to A+; didn't make the Big Club.

William Layman - 2 seasons in the Angels system; made it high as A ball; didn't make the Big Club

Freddy Sandoval - 3 years in the Angels system before making the Bigs for 11 games split between 2008 and 2009 for the Halos.

Hainley Statia - 2005-2010 in the Angels system; 2011-now in the Brewers system, AAA.  No MLB time.

Douglas Reinhardt - 2 seasons in the Angels system, then one in Baltimores.  Never made the Bigs.

Too bad more of them didn't get to Show, and stay a while.

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