Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Won Three Platinum Value Packs - Value Pack Three

The take so far over 3 Value Packs is six unexciting prospect purple refractors, one blue saffire, one gold parallel, and two Cutting Edge Stars.  Still no Angels.

Last Value Pack.

The name Andrew Susac intrigues me.  Why.
Backup to Buster Posey, fared pretty well over 95 plate appearances this year.
Might not be a bad prospect.


Dupes for Correa and Lee.
My seventh pack of 4 cards each and I already have two dupes.
Gold parallel CC Sabathia.

Are you kidding me!!
Two MORE dupes in Cole and Rodriguez.
See, that's exactly why I don't spend much money on  this crap anymore.
So out of 32 cards so far 4 are dupes.
I don't even want to know the ratio.


A little better with a XFractor and a Top Prospects insert.
Not a single freaking Angel.

I don't regret using credits on these, it was worth it just for the excitement of getting some hits.
Not big hits, but still some hits.

Most of these are available for trade.
I obviously need the Angels.

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  1. I'll take that Correa dupe off your hands if you still have it.