Monday, July 13, 2015

Christmas In July From Johnny's Trading Spot

I've been getting some great cards lately trading with Johnny's Trading Spot, but I wasn't expecting a big package like this one that arrived recently.

A Priority Mail box stuffed with 4 blocks of nicely wrapped packs of cards.
I'm seeing red and green so I'm thinking Christmas in July!! Yeah BUDDY!!

Let's open our gifts!

Pack one was full of checklist cards.  I love checklists!
The 1988 Topps checklists are good looking cards, much better than the bland white checklist cards.
Pack two you can see is full of Fleer Stickers.
Sweet, I've been wanted to check off more Fleer Sticker cards from the wantlist.
Two packs of my favorite things.

Let's open another.

Nice, another block of checklist cards.
Bet there's probably a checklist set somewhere in there.

Oh!  Another block of checklists!
I'm picturing John spending all weekend going through tens of boxes of cards pulling out every single checklist and Fleer sticker he had.

That's a ton of cards!

Let's see some of the other stuff inside.

Love these.
At one time I thought I had the whole set but then realized that there are subtle differences, and white or grey backs.  So I'm still working on the master set of these.

I must have tossed dozens of these Upper Deck holograms before I realized that they would be an awesome set to work on.
Been picking these up here and there, especially those from 1992 Upper Deck Heroes like this one.
I don't come across the Heroes holograms very often.

At first I thought this was a Fleer sticker but when I turned it over I found it was a box-bottom card.
The checklist notes that there is a Cardinals logo out there as well.
I'll need to go find one now.

And with the help of all those cards in the box I was able to complete these checklist sets:

Better than Christmas, 
it's m'birthday, it's m'birthday.

I hope you're never looking for a checklist card to complete a set John, because if you do I probably have it now.


  1. LOL, those were all doubles. In fact they were just sitting on the window sill in my bedroom. LMK, which others you are needing. I just picked up a ton of cards.