Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jimmy Dean's Backside

Picked up this pack of 1992 Jimmy Dean baseball cards on Listia.
A 3-card pack inserted in packages of Jimmy Dean sausage.
I bid on this item because the seller was smart enough to include a photo of the backside.

See what I see?
That's a Jim Abbott card, and a card that I did not have.
I won the auction for a measly 1,760 credits.

There are 18 cards in the set, here are the three that I got.
Jim Abbott is the only Angel in the set so I just completed the team as well.
I have no interest in collecting the whole Jimmy Dean set, so that means the Chamberlain and Strawberry cards go in the traders box.

It's not a bad looking card.
Would have liked to see a logo or something in that big black field.
Even though the team logos are a no-no and airbrushed out, it's not too obvious.

Good score for me on Listia.

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