Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vintage Patriots From Mark Hoyle

Trade Post From Mark Hoyle

Thankfully, this is how Mark works:
Mark see's Pats cards on my LCS post.
Mark asks if I have a Pats want list.
I send Pats want list.
Mark sends Pats cards I need.
Mark is awesome.

1967 Topps
Nothing more retro than vintage football cards, even more so than baseball cards.
Man these are so cool!
I wonder if Topps or Babe ever regretted not reshooting his picture since he blinked in this one.

1974 Wonder Bread
Another super-cool card.
Classic quarterback pose.
Similar to the 1971 Topps set, I assume single cards were inserted into bags of Wonder Bread.

1974-1977 Topps
Knocked off a big chunk of Patriots there.
I like the card of Tom Neville, his head looks way too small for how his massive body fills up the frame.

1971 Milton Bradley
There were a few (former) Angels cards thrown in the mix as well including this nice MB example of Tom Satriano.
I had to confer with my SCBC to figure out if this was a 1969 or 1972 since they are practically identical.  It comes down to the font used for the red "1" on the back to tell the difference.

Always good stuff from you Mark, thanks.

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