Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Angels In A Play At The Plate

This is NOT a trade post with Play At The Plate.
Sorry Play At The Plate.
We do need to trade again though, it's been a while now.

It has to do with this baseball card:

I saw Angels on a Royals card so I thought I would go to retrosheet.org and try to figure out what game this photo occurred in.

1994 Collectors Choice (1993 photo most likely).
Day game.
Royals at Angels (its easy to tell it's the Big A and not Kauffman)
Mike McFarlane is catching.
Eduardo Perez is sliding into home.
Possibly JT Snow in the background.

A quick search of retrosheet using the clues above led me to this half inning:

Game Played on Thursday, August 5, 1993 (D) at Anaheim Stadium

ANGELS 2ND: Perez reached on an error by Gagne [Perez to first];
Perez stole second; Myers grounded out (first unassisted) [Perez
to third]; Van Burkleo walked; Stillwell struck out while Perez
was caught stealing home (catcher to shortstop to catcher); 0 R,
0 H, 1 E, 1 LOB.  Royals 1, Angels 0.

So it's Kurt Stillwell and not JT Snow in the background.

I'm going to assume the photo on the back of the card is the result of the image on the front.

Angel won 5-4 giving Hilly Hathaway the win (3-1).

Pretty fun.  You should try it.


  1. Well done, sir!

    I, too, enjoy playing "The Retrosheet Game", but don't do it nearly enough. :-)

  2. That is awesome. Caught stealing home!

  3. Very very nice! And yes, I do need to send you some goodies.