Saturday, July 25, 2015

Did Some Eye Peeing Last Night

In Person autographing.
Finally made it up to Frisco to catch a Roughriders game at Dr Pepper Ballpark, the Corpus Christi Hooks were in town.  
The Roughriders are the Rangers Class AA team, and Frisco is about an hour from where I live.
We've lived in Texas almost 15 years, and it's taken this long to get up there.

I pulled exactly six cards, five were of the coaches, just in case I had an opportunity to get some in-person autographs (which I haven't done in a looong time), and sure enough I did.

Zach Cone was the only player who's name I knew (and knew that I had a card of) and I thought that I would recognize.
I watched the game on TV the night before and Cone has a distinguishable beard happening for him.

Jeff Andrews is the Riders Pitching Coach, and wears, again, distinguishable glasses.
Just like on his minor league card.

Dan Radison is the Hooks Hitting Coach.
He was probably the oldest guy in uniform.
Easy to spot.

I caught Brocail down the line as he was warming up his pitchers.
He's the Pitching Coach for the Hooks.

I missed out on Joe Mikulik, the Riders Manager, who also has a 1991 Line Drive card, and on Tom Lawless, a coach for the Hooks.  I had a 1986 Topps for him.

I didn't stay until the end of the game, the heat was getting to me, and it's a long drive home.
The Hooks ended up winning 9-3 after a big 5-run 6th inning.


  1. Congrats on the awesome haul :).

  2. Brocail is awesome. One of our first Mariners game the son was getting auto's of the Rangers players as they were the visitors, and his favorite team. Brocail was the first player to come along, and sat there talking to use for a few minutes. Was an awesome time, and made me a fan of his atleast.

  3. Eye Peeing sounds kinda gross; but these cards are far from that!

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