Friday, September 30, 2011

Autographs in the Mail

Made a trade on SCN to get these two cards.
The 1974 Topps Tommy Davis I need for my All-Time Angels autograph collection. Davis' autograph that is, not the card.  He's a very sporadic signer now and charges $10 for his autograph, so this trade worked out well for me.

I already have several Andy Hassler autographs but didn't have one on a 1981 Donruss.  Hassler is a very good TTM signer but I figured it was easy enough to trade for him so I made the trade.

I sent these rather beat up cards to Billy McCool at his home address in Florida. He signed them in 9 days, but didn't return any answers to by questions. I even noted on the letter that I was sorry the cards were so beat up. I dig the 1965 Topps card though: old-school Reds sleeveless uniform, Topps All-Star Rookie Cup, Reds banner, light blue border, sweet.

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