Monday, September 19, 2011

I Knew I Had One

An old Panini album.

With the release of the awesome Topps stickers and corresponding album, and with all the talk about Panini obtaining an MLB license, it made me wonder if I still had it.
It took some digging, but I found it. My 1993 Panini Baseball Sticker Album. I knew I wouldn't have gotten rid of it, but I'm kinda puzzled why I ever got it to begin with. Especially since there is not a single sticker inside, much less in any of my boxes of commons. I've picked up some Panini Angels team sets and logo cards since then, but other than that I don't recall ever having any.  I guess I just wanted a keepsake from 1993 and that I wanted to keep it "mint".

I opened the album up to the Angels section. Unlike Topps, Panini included the location that the Angels were from, California. I noticed also that the sticker size was much larger than the current Topps. I also liked that Panini allowed a full two-page spread per team.  I tried to cut and paste a couple scans to show you.

While perusing the Angels section I noticed a fatal flaw that any Angel die-hard would have noticed.

There's no Tom Fortugno in Angels history, but there is a TIM Fortugno.

Tsk tsk Panini.

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